How Does The Jumpstart Business Booster Planner Work?

Hold Yourself SERIOUSLY Accountable.

Need help staying organized, on task, productive, and motivated about your childcare success? Need a group of other childcare bosses to keep you inspired?

Join the jumpstart business booster planner party get monthly inspiration and motivation to plan and execute your plan for childcare success! Hear live from your coach, Andrea Dickerson and other childcare bosses.

Join the last Tuesday night of every month for 10 months. Can't make the calls? Don't worry all calls are recorded and sent by email for replay.

What You Need to Know...

Will I Need The Planner To Join The Call?
No. However, the call is going to assist you with planning your task, enrollment, marketing, staffing and overall day using the JumpStart Business Booster. Without this one of a KIND business booster, you will be lost and your results will vary.
How Much Is The 10 Month Planning Party Call?
The cost is $14.95
How Long Is The Call?
The Calls Last For 30-45 Minutes. It is recorded and sent back to you via email.
How Often Will You Deduct The $14.95?
For 10 consecutive months using auto draft. Auto drafts happens on the 1st of the Month. Before a payment is auto drafted you'll receive an email notifying you that your auto draft will happen within 24 hours.
What Is Your Cancellation Policy?
You Can Cancel At Anytime. When you get the email notifying you of your up and coming bank draft the option to cancel is within the email. You will get an confirmation email that it's canceled as well. But you must cancel 24 hours before your auto bank draft. No Refunds.
What If I Get On The Call With Andrea And I Don't Like It?
You have the option to cancel before next month. However for integrity purposes no refunds are offered on calls.
What Happens When Calls Are Rescheduled?
Life can happen and if it does Coach Andrea will offer you a secondary call within 5 business days to make up for the missed call.

So Are You Ready For Fun Times Together With Your Coach, 
Planning Your Next Level?

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